Yoga texts in the Sanskrit Reading Room

The past months have been busy with an exciting new project: the Sanskrit Reading Room at SOAS. This is, as the name announces, a reading project dedicated to reading Sanskrit texts across genres and time periods, and it is organized by my research colleague Avni Chag (SOAS) and myself.

Although not all of the workshop texts are of interest to those studying yoga, some are. For example, the inaugural reading session was led by Dr Jason Birch (SOAS), a leading scholar of haṭha yoga, who read from his critical edition of the Amanaska, an 11th-12th century text on rāja yoga. Dr Nina Mirnig (Austrian Academy of Sciences) told us about Śivaliṅga pūjā in the 6th-7th century Śivadharmaśāstra. And still to come is Dr Peter-Daniel Szanto’s (Oxford) reading of an account of a tantric Buddhist yogin (on May 10th). There are short summaries of each reading session here:


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